Environmental Groups Hopeful After Methane Rule

One Houston group calls a recent federal appeals court ruling “promising.”

Houston Public Radio


Environmental groups are feeling good about a recent court win against the Trump Administration.

The D.C. circuit appeals court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency can’t delay an Obama-era Methane emissions rule. The court found the EPA didn’t have the power under the Clean Air Act to delay the rule.

Environmental groups have also sued to stop the rollback of rules dealing with air pollution on federal lands, landfill emissions and other issues.

Bakeyah Nelson with Air Alliance Houston says the win in the methane case has made groups like hers more hopeful than they were a couple weeks ago.

“We haven’t had many wins recently,” she says. “It’s promising and it’s hopeful that maybe some of the same arguments that were made in this case could be carried over to those cases as well.”

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