Our passion is working with the community, other organizations, health and regulatory professionals, and industry leaders to make Houston a healthier place to live and work. Our board of directors is committed to this. One hundred percent of our board financially contributes to our organization.

Jonathan Ross, J.D., President

Leo Gold, M.B.A, Treasurer, The New Capital Show 

Brian Tison, M.D., SecretaryVital Allergy & Asthma Center

Laura Blackburn, Houston Area League of Women Voters 

Greg Broyles, M.P.H.

Rep. Jessica Farrar, Texas House of Representatives

Charles Irvine, J.D., Irvine & Conner 

Bob Levy, Ph.D.

Ernesto Paredes, City of Galena Park, Parks and Recreation

Ron Parry, Ph.D., Rice University 

Steve Pavel

Jack Pester

Lucy Randel, M.S., B.S.E.

Lauren Salomon, Ph.D., People Advantage

Tom Stock, Ph.D., The University of Texas School of Public Health 

Terry Thorn