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Mesothelioma Awareness

  Public Health Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Tips  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, the average American spends 87% of their entire life indoors and six percent of their life commuting or traveling, leaving seven percent spent outdoors. That’s about one half of one day a week, spent outdoors. However the quality of the air

Community Surveying Begins in Pasadena

Air Alliance Houston and its team of field interviewers started the Pasadena Community Surveys last Monday October 9th. The main goal of the surveys is to capture residents’ perceptions on environmental concerns, air quality, health issues, safety concerns, neighborhood’s conditions, and Hurricane Harvey experiences. This community citizen science project will allow us to better understand

Moving Forward Network in LA

Last week I attended the 4th Annual Moving Forward Network Conference in Los Angeles. The Moving Forward Network aims to transform the global trade system by bringing together community leaders, researchers, planners, policy makers, industry, and regulators to improve conditions in communities of color and low-income that bear the burden of adverse health impacts from