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Who Should Pay for Hurricane Harvey Damages?

The Texas State House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee held a hearing in Houston on Wednesday morning. This was the statement submitted by AAH Executive Director Bakeyah Nelson. — Who should pay for Hurricane Harvey damages? It is clear to everyone that the Houston region needs improved infrastructure to protect people from future storms. Harvey

Pasadena Walk to School Day

October 4 is National Walk to School Day. As a tribute, our partner coalition in the Pasadena community organized a Walk to School Day at Richey Elementary to promote physical activity and healthy environments. This coalition, named Healthy Living Matters – Pasadena (HLM), has worked to advance policy, systems, and environmental change around healthy eating

Reinstallation of Public Transportation in the City of Pasadena: An Opportunity to Increase Accessibility and Improve Air Quality

The City of Pasadena has long been known for the wonderful resources offered to residents and neighborhoods. Eight years ago, however, the bus service and public transportation was cancelled due to low usage. For those years, many residents that relied on public transportation to go to work or school were isolated and forced to find