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Employee Spotlight: AAH’s Juan Flores Featured in Various News Items in Light of Harvey Anniversary

One year later, in light of the environmental impacts of Hurricane Harvey, Air Alliance Houston’s Juan Flores spoke to various media outlets about the impact to his Galena Park neighborhood: NPR: Industry Looks for Hurricane Lessons As Climate Changes NPR: Industrial Safety After Hurricane Harvey Outside magazine: The EPA is Gutting Regulations That Keep Us

D.C. Circuit refuses Trump administration’s attempt to delay Chemical Disaster Rule

Court rules protections for communities and first responders must remain in place (HOUSTON – August 17, 2018) Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit blocked the Trump Administration from delaying an important rule meant to protect communities, workers, and first responders from dangerous chemical accidents. Air Alliance Houston is part of a coalition of


CAREERS Air Alliance Houston is currently hiring for the following positions: Teaching Artist Coalition Director Part-Time Transportation Advocate Please contact info@airalliancehouston.com with questions about these openings.

AAH Part-Time Transportation Advocate

PART-TIME TRANSPORTATION ADVOCATE Note: This position has been made possible with one-year seed funding and its continuation is dependent upon fundraising after one year. Overview: Houstonians are overly dependent on driving which adversely impacts our air quality and public health. We need to convince local leaders to integrate public health considerations into transportation planning, require