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New study shows air pollution effects are more harmful than anticipated

Air pollution from industrial startups and shutdowns is worse than experts have thought, according to a new study published by the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Before Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, many industrial facilities had to shut down operations before the storm arrived and start up again once the rain and flooding stopped. As a

Pruitt’s EPA, Trump administration reverse key air pollution rule

Last month, the EPA and the Trump administration announced a decision to withdraw an air pollution rule meant to reduce the emissions of hazardous substances, including the air pollutant benzene, from chemical and other industrial facilities. Under the former policy, which was in place for 23 years, once a facility was designated as a major

Environmental Justice Screening

Date: Mon, 02/12/2018
Location: Carl Walker Jr. Multipurpose Building 4300 Noble Street, Houston, TX 77020

  Are there environmental risks in my community? Is my community vulnerable to air pollutants, toxins, & ground and water contamination? What health risks are there for my family, children, seniors, friends and neighbors? What are the long-term impacts on my community? What can I do to get answers to these questions and others? The EPA