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New study shows air pollution may pose serious health risks to children

A new study, published by the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, shows that even short-term exposure of air pollution increases the risk of lower respiratory infections, which can lead to serious health effects in young children. Acute respiratory infection of the lungs and airways, usually caused by viruses, is one of the

Governor Abbott lifts suspensions on environmental regulations

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott’s office lifted suspended environmental regulations put in place during Hurricane Harvey. The suspension had been in effect for almost seven months, and the removal came shortly after One Breath Partnership (which is comprised of several environmental organizations, including Air Alliance Houston) sent a letter to Abbott’s office asking him to end

Pasadena Anti-Idling Campaign

Proposed Anti-Idling Ordinance for the City of Pasadena The City of Pasadena experiences heavy truck traffic due to its proximity to the Houston Ship Channel. Heavy-duty truck idling produces fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and other toxic air pollutants, which are precursors to ozone formation that is harmful to public