A Path Forward for Clean, Healthy Port Communities

Date: Tue, 03/07/2017
Location: Magnolia Multi-Service Center, 7037 Capitol Street Houston, TX 77011

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A clean and healthy future is possible! At this community meeting, we will learn from organizer Jesse Marquez who helped create a roadmap for zero emissions at the Ports of Long Beach and LA to help residents near the ports breathe a little easier and find economic growth alongside technological innovation.

Learn about what WE can do to help support the health of our Houston area communities and contribute to economic prosperity.

Why Zero Emissions?

Diesel emissions are linked to many health conditions, including asthma and other respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. According to the Clean Air Task Force, diesel causes for adults in Texas:
  • 869 Premature Deaths
  • 759 Non-Fatal Heart Attacks
  • 155,793 Work Loss Days
  • 906,678 Minor Restricted Activity Days
And for children:
  • 941 Asthma ER Visits
  • 1,912 Acute Bronchitis
  • 24,541 Lower Respiratory Symptoms
  • 18,761 Upper Respiratory Symptoms
  • 40,894 Asthma Exacerbation
The total monetized value of health impacts is $7.6 Billion.