Breathable Cities: Using VW Funding to Improve Air in the Houston Area

Date: Thu, 05/18/2017
Location: Austin High School 1700 Dumble St Houston, TX 77023

Come learn about what’s happening in your community to clean up the dirty diesel emissions that Volkswagen created – and provide your feedback on potential projects in the Houston area using settlement money.

Last year, a judge ruled that Volkswagen will pay $15 billion dollars in the US settlement of its emissions cheating scandal. And what does that mean for us in the Greater Houston region?

Texas will receive more than $200 million for environmental mitigation under the multibillion-dollar settlement. These funds have been set aside for the specific purpose of cleaning up our air – and we want to ensure that these funds are used to help our communities breathe cleaner air.

Because this is a part of a settlement, the funds are restricted for specific purposes. We want to hear your feedback on proposed projects that relate to vehicles in our communities – from our personal vehicles to municipal fleets to the heavy equipment used to haul freight.

If you listened to Jesse Marquez from Wilmington, CA, you know the importance of reducing diesel emissions in our communities. If not, we will provide a brief overview of why reducing diesel emissions can have a big impact on you and your family’s health, and we’ll share with you some cutting-edge ideas that VW could fund to help us all breathe a little easier.

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– dinner will be provided.