Public Hearing on Pasadena Refining air pollution permit

Date: Thu, 01/28/2016
Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, 4741 East Sam Houston Parkway South, Pasadena, Texas

Time: Thursday, January 28 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

A public hearing on a federal air pollution permit for Pasadena Refining System, Inc. gives YOU the opportunity to voice your concerns about this facility. Pasadena Refining is a major polluter and serious violator of clean air laws. It is a poorly managed facility that causes more pollution and more injuries than other refineries on the Houston Ship Channel.

Now, Pasadena is applying for a new federal “Title V” operating permit. The Environmental Protection Agency must review and comment on whether the facility’s permits comply with the Clean Air Act. Air Alliance Houston, the Environmental Integrity Project, and other advocacy organizations across Texas are working together to bring attention to this facility’s history of pollution and violations of the law.

At the public hearing, we will join residents of Pasadena to voice our concerns about Pasadena refining. Specifically, we are have the following concerns:

  • Pasadena Refining has too many injuries. In 2015, Pasadena Refining was responsible for 11 lost-time injuries. This was far more than any of the other 19 plants in the Pasadena Citizens Advisory Council, most of which have 1 or 0 injuries.
  • Pasadena Refining produces too much pollution. PRSI is one of the worst sources of soot, or particulate matter, in the Houston Ship Channel. This is due to old and outdated equipment that has not been updated or maintained. PRSI also emits sulfur compounds, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants
  • Pasadena refining is operating illegally without a permit. The refinery allowed its permit to expire and is currently operating illegally.
  • Without monitoring, Pasadena Refining will continue to violate the law. The proposed permit is inadequate because it does not include monitoring requirements necessary to ensure the refinery is not exceeding its pollution limits. The permit must include continuous monitoring to ensure compliance. Active, advanced monitoring techniques should be used and their data should be shared immediately with the public.
  • Pasadena Refining puts our health, our lives, and our children at risk!

At this hearing, we will demand that the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality take this opportunity to ensure that Pasadena Refining obey the law in the future. Our health, our lives, and our families depend on it.

WHAT: Pasadena Refining public hearing

WHEN: Thursday, January 28 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

WHERE: Hampton Inn & Suites, 4741 East Sam Houston Parkway South, Pasadena, Texas

For more information: contact Air Alliance Houston at 713-528-3779,