The Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention, our predecessor organization, produced many excellent reports on air quality problems and solutions in Houston. These reports by GHASP and its affiliates are provided here for your use.


Government Has an Essential Role in Oil Refinery Safety and the Environment – Bob Levy


Emissions from Delayed Cokers – Industry Professionals for Clean Air


Houston, we have a Problem: A Roadmap for Reducing Petrochemical Industry Toxic Emissions in the Lone Star State

GHASP Air Monitoring Activities, 2005-2008

Big Breaks for Big Polluters: Why enforcement inconsistencies contribute to ineffective air pollution control

Houston’s Air Research: What we know, What has worked, Why it matters – Industry Professionals for Clean Air


Exceeding the Limit: Industry Violations of New Rule Almost Slid Under State’s Radar

Whiners Matter!

A Vision of Clean Air – Jim Blackburn

Strategy for Reducing Flare Emissions – Industry Professionals for Clean Air

Cooling Off: State Investigations Show Reductions in Cooling Tower Emissions


Reducing Flare Emissions from Chemical Plants and Refineries – Industry Professionals for Clean Air

Reducing Emissions from Plant Flares – Presentation


Reducing Air Pollution From Houston-Area School Buses

Mercury in Galveston and Houston Fish

Who’s Counting? The Systematic Underreporting of Toxic Air Emissions

Smoke in the Water: Air Pollution Hidden in the Water Vapor from Cooling Towers


Where Does Houston’s Smog Come From?

Where Does Houston’s Smog Come From? Part II


How Bad is Houston’s Smog?


Trees & Our Air: The Role of Trees and Other Vegetation in Houston-Area Air Pollution