The Healthy Port Communities Coalition (HPCC) is building a strong base of well-informed and active local residents who will engage public and private stakeholders directly on priority issues.

Press Releases

Ship Channel Collision Press Release 2015-03-09


About the Program


The Coalition is an open-ended collaboration that has included the following organizations:


  • Organize port communities to engage decision-making bodies on port expansions.
  • Release documentation demonstrating the need for pollution reduction and the impacts of increases in emissions from new sources of pollution and work on policies to reduce the impacts of those emissions.
  • Advocate for policy changes at the state, regional and local level that will encourage economic growth in port areas while improving public health and implement resulting port clean-up programs.

Port Community Survey

The Coalition conducted a health and economic impact survey of portside communities, including Denver Harbor, Fifth Ward, Manchester, Pasadena, Pleasantville, and Port Houston. In 2013, the HPCC released the results of this Port Community Survey.

Port Community Tours

The Coalition places a strong emphasis on port community tours to educate lawmakers, officials, and citizens about the impacts of industrial activity on portside community residents. If you are interested in a tour, please contact us.