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Since the start of ozone season in March, the Houston region has already endured 12 days with unhealthy levels of smog. As the summer days heat up, ozone pollution can get worse and threaten the health of families. For over 25 years, Air Alliance Houston has been working to educate children about air pollution, research

Biweekly Ozone Report

Overall, the regional trend for this period compared to the last two reports shows improved ozone levels. Top three values were all at the Conroe monitor. Huffman Wolf Road and Laporte Sylvan Beach Monitor have been taken down for preventative maintenance for the time period represented in the report. The UH WG Jones monitor, which had

AAH’s Paige Powell reviews available air quality information resources

Ozone season has officially begun, and all signs suggest that it’s going to be a rough one. Houston has already had more than a dozen Ozone Action Days this year, and the temperatures will undoubtedly continue to rise over the next few months. If you’re sensitive to ozone pollution (children, the elderly, and people with

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