AAH Visits with Pasadena ISD

It was a pleasure to go present to a group of PISD Health and Phys Ed Teachers last week.  They were excited to hear about the OzoneMap app to keep them up to date on current bad ozone days when students are partaking in outside activities.  The app comes in handy especially for those with allergies and asthma related illnesses which will help keep emergency room visits down if they are aware of the Ozone in the area.  Football and track coaches expressed how much this app is going to come in handy for them to make sure students are safe from any harmful effects of over exposure from practice and programs being held outdoors.

We also spoke about the educational programs we have available including Ozone Theater (for elementary and Middle Schoolers) and our Toxic Tours geared towards High School teens.  Both of these programs bring awareness and exposure to the issues that could be contributing to our air quality in our communities.