AAH Welcomes a New Pasadena Coordinator

Paula is the newest Community Outreach Coordinator for Air Alliance Houston. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Currently, she plans to put all her efforts on the Pasadena Community Project with the goal of reducing air pollution in the area.

The Pasadena Community Project intends to collect community perceptions about environmental risks, engage residents into learning about air quality in their community, and conduct air monitor studies through North Pasadena.

Paula has always had a great passion for the Earth and its processes. Her love for nature involved her in wanting to change the world’s perspective about the environment. She wants to devote her time to learn about Pasadena community health impacts due to air pollution. Also, she wants to advocate for Clean Air and local policies that will help Air Alliance Houston vision be accomplished.

She is currently working closely with different Pasadena organizations to help improve public health, safety, and environmental education. In addition, she believes that education is the key to accomplish any goal. That is why, as part of the Pasadena Community Project she will be conducting an Impact Assessment Survey to better understand Pasadena’s demographics and convey people’s opinion on different public health concerns.

Furthermore, the project will also develop opportunities for residents to participate in community mapping workshops and air monitoring activities. On the other hand, her major goal for this project will be to pass an “Anti-Idling” ordinance to the city of Pasadena which will help reduce air pollutant levels and create a long-lasting environmental awareness among the residents. To conclude, Paula strongly believes that small changes can change the world and that Nothing is Impossible.