Air Alliance Houston joins Furr High School for Civility in the Park

Last Saturday, Air Alliance Houston joined kids, families along, and other organizations to raise awareness about bettering our environment and share resources to get involved. During ozone season, we educate parents and kids about our free website, and our iPhone app, OzoneMap, which give you real-time information about ozone air pollution.

For “Civility in the Park,” we brought our OzoneMap app banner to inform parents and teachers how to stay up to date this summer on theCivility in the Park quality of air during outside activities. Each year in Houston, we see many emergency room visits for asthma attacks and heat exhaustion. Children and young adults who partake in outdoor school sports without knowing how ozone pollution could affect their health are at risk. By teaching children–and their parents, teachers and coaches–to use our website and app, we can prevent some of those visits.

It was a great event overall and we were glad to have been invited to participate and partner up with these amazing high school students. Their enthusiasm about their community and finding ways to bettering their quality of life are inspiring. Together we can bring clean air and a healthy future to all of Houston’s young people.

Thank you to Houston Independent School District and Furr High School for including Air Alliance Houston in “Civility in the Park.”