Community Project Updates

Well it is official, Air Alliance Houston has an office location in Pasadena. We will be using office space at the home offices of Harris County Pollution Control and Public Health and Environmental Services. We have collaborated to better serve the community of Pasadena. Just like Air Alliance, Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services was granted funds to conduct community based projects in North Pasadena. So we started coming up with ways to assist each other in completing our projects. There are many ideas to take things to the next level.

With the new office space I will be able to work closely with the community. Many organizations such as Ripley House and Pasadena Health Clinic have been a great help with our Pasadena grant projects. The survey is looking to start within a month. We are working with Citizenship students from the Ripley House located in Pasadena to canvas for the survey. We are also looking to have the Community Mapping sometime in October.

On another note our Benzene Project has been moved to Galena Park. It was originally proposed to take place in Pasadena, however Galena Park is better due to wind direction. We are working with Sparsh Khandeshi with Environmental Integrity Project who has also included the EPA’s Office of Research.  Monitor locations in Galena Park have been located and waiting on a censuses with the hopes of setting out monitors soon.

It is very exciting to be working this closely with the communities. Educating and empowering with each project. Air Alliance has come a long way in our grass roots work. Learning and working with other grass roots organizations along the way. More updates and outcomes will be reported in the upcoming months.