Community Surveying Begins in Pasadena

Air Alliance Houston and its team of field interviewers started the Pasadena Community Surveys last Monday October 9th. The main goal of the surveys is to capture residents’ perceptions on environmental concerns, air quality, health issues, safety concerns, neighborhood’s conditions, and Hurricane Harvey experiences. This community citizen science project will allow us to better understand the greatest challenges Pasadena residents live with daily.

We will be using this data to make a preliminary health assessment of pollution impacts on four different pre-selected neighborhoods close to different schools. We are mainly going to be surveying door-to-door in North Pasadena. The schools were chosen due to their close proximity to different pollution sources such as refineries, chemical plants, manufactures, and truck traffic. Red Bluff Elementary, Richey Elementary, Gardens Elementary, and Pasadena High School were the schools used for this project. We have also been working with these schools during the different Walk/Bike to school days.

We have been receiving great feedback from many residents. So far, we have collected a total of 120 surveys for the neighborhood close to Red Bluff Elementary. We are pleased with the kindness and willingness of residents to participate in the improvement of their neighborhoods. On the other hand, there have been many concerns about health issues that residents consider to be linked to exposure to air pollution. Among those are skin cancer, breast cancer, asthma, and others.

We will be very diligent when using this data to advocate for cleaner air policies and protection of public health in the City of Pasadena. We continue to work with the community to increase awareness and engage residents to talk to their elected officials about their concerns. Meanwhile, we hope to keep collecting important information that will help us bring change to the City of Pasadena.