Get on the Bus!

U.S. EPA Region 6 is hosting a 2-day Environmental Justice Summit on August 9-10, in Dallas!

To make this the biggest EJ Summit that Region 6 has ever seen, AAH is encouraging community leaders, non-profit organizations, academia, industry, local, state, and federal environmental justice partners from TEXAS, LOUISIANA, OKLAHOMA, ARKANSAS, and NEW MEXICO to attend. And to make it even easier for folks in HOUSTON to attend, AAH is renting a big ‘ol van (not the one pictured below) for ANYONE interested in attending. All you have to do is email Brian Butler stating your interest. So come on and just GET ON THE BUS! There’s nothing you have to worry about, AAH will take care of your room and board.

The purpose of the summit is to:

  • Discuss progress on the development and implementation of EPA Region 6 Environmental Justice Collaborative Action Plans for Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Highlight examples of successful multi-stakeholder collaborations to address environmental justice issues in communities across Region 6.
  • Highlight recent federal government initiatives that can support local community efforts to address environmental justice issues.

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