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Since the start of ozone season in March, the Houston region has already endured 12 days with unhealthy levels of smog. As the summer days heat up, ozone pollution can get worse and threaten the health of families.

For over 25 years, Air Alliance Houston has been working to educate children about air pollution, research air quality issues, and advocate to help clear the air and protect public health in Houston.  

Although we have made progress, Houston has never met national air quality standards for ozone and, according to the latest American Lung Association (ALA) State of the Air Report, the Houston area ranked 11th out of the 228 most ozone polluted cities.

Children with asthma are most vulnerable to ozone pollution.

Nearly 150,000 Houston-area children suffer from asthma. Exposure to high levels of ozone can impair lung development and can trigger asthma attacks (coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath). Ozone pollution can even lead to cardiac arrest and premature death.

Help us teach children how to protect themselves from ozone pollution!

During the school year, AAH facilitates Ozone Theater in elementary and middle school classrooms throughout the greater Houston region. These programs introduce students to where pollution comes from, how ozone is formed, and what they can do to keep themselves safe. They learn to become advocates for not only their own health, but also for that of their peers.

Our goal is to serve 5,000 students this school year and we need $10,000 to do so!

Whatever you can give, whether it is $5, $50 or $500, will make a difference and will help us protect the health of our children. Thank you for your interest and support!



Bakeyah Nelson, Ph. D.

Executive Director, Air Alliance Houston


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