Metal Recycler Study Partnership

Metal recycling is a growing industry in the greater Houston area. The benefits of metal recycling include energy savings and conservation of resources, generation of jobs, and the positive impact on trade of significant U.S efforts worldwide.  However the City of Houston received nearly 200 complaints from residents about odor, smoke, noise, explosions and droplets from the metal recyclers between 2006 and 2011.  In response to the complaints, Houston Department of Health and Human Services conducted a limited ambient air monitoring study at 25 recycling facilities.

Many are concerned of the possible health effects this has on the surrounding communities.  A partnership between Houston Department of Health and Human Services, the University of Texas School of Public Health, Rice University and Air Alliance Houston emerged and applied for a grant to work with residents and metal recyclers to address the potentially serious environmental health issues.  A five year grant was awarded and the group began working on their long yet organized list of goals/tasks.   The first Community Advisory Board, which consist of members of the community, metal recyclers and a representative of each grantee group, was held this week. A new Community Organizer, Juan Flores has joined the team and will work closely to ensure extensive community involvement is achieved.  The metal recyclers have been very cooperative and as the group moves into the second year the first round of air monitoring will commence.

Welcome to Air Alliance Houston Juan glad to have you join our team!