Milby Community Gardens Is Officially Open!

AAH was thrilled to be a part of Milby’s Community Garden ribbon cutting April 8th at Mission Milby one block south of Milby High School on 2220 Broadway.
Senator Garcia was also in attendance as students from Milby Youth LEAD Council showed us around and explained their project that was largely made possible by a grant given Cheniere Energy, Inc.  The council is made up of 12 students working together to identify a community project that the Council will fund and support. LEAD stands for Leadership Enrichment and Development Council. The LEAD council empowers students to make project decisions, coordinate work and allocate budget while developing leadership skills.
Students saw a need in their community to build a bridge to healthier food choices and make it easy to access.  The students are going to maintain the community garden and make it available to those needing add to fresh fruits and vegetables in the surrounding area.  The students have taken great pride in seeing this project come to fruition and plan for the next senior class to continue the gardens and also hopefully grow to invite others for access to the garden to provide nutritious meals for their families.