Obtaining TCEQ Rules

Have you ever wanted or needed to learn more about the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and its rules? Many citizens find themselves becoming experts overnight in various rule regimes because of an issue that has touched them personally, such as a polluting facility opening next door to their home. Although these citizens often eventually seek expert help for their problems, they often find that a little bit of knowledge on the issue goes a long way.

If you ever need to learn more about TCEQ rules, but you don’t know where to start, you can actually go to the Commission itself. You can request FREE hard copy or CD versions of any or all TCEQ rules. You can learn what rules are available and how to request them from this flyer by the TCEQ: Obtaining TCEQ Rules.

Because I work in air quality advocacy every day, I am pretty familiar with TCEQ’s rules and how to find them. Of course they are available online, and you can use them there if you are comfortable searching the Texas Administrative Code.

So I know how to find and use TCEQ’s rules. But when I learned that TCEQ was offering free hard copies by request, I had to try it out. I called the phone number on the “Obtaining TCEQ Rules” brochure and requested that hard copies of several rules be mailed to the Air Alliance Houston office. I only made one phone call, and I only had to speak to two people. They didn’t ask why I needed the rules, or whether I could pay for them. Within just a few days, a box arrived at my office with the rules I had requested.

There are many reasons why you might want hard copies of rules. Maybe you don’t have reliable internet access. Maybe you don’t like the Texas Administrative Code webpage. Maybe you just need a hard copy you can mark up, make copies of, and take with you. Whatever the reason, you can get your hard copies for free thanks to the TCEQ.

We don’t agree with much that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is doing, but this is a good example of a service they are actually offering to the public, rather than just their “customers” in industry. We appreciate this effort by the TCEQ and we encourage citizens to take advantage. Don’t be intimidated or hesitant about calling the TCEQ. Ultimately, they do work for us, not industry. It’s up to us to remind them of that.