One Intern’s Reflections on Earth Day Houston

Article written by Nwanne Agada, Undergraduate Intern

My experience as an intern here at Air Alliance Houston has been filled with a whole lot of learning and fun. I started off my internship in March to assist with the Earth Day Festival that would take place in April. From the minute I attended my first meeting with the staff I knew that this would be a friendly place.

I, along with two other interns, were in charge of the social media plan for the Earth Day Festival. Our main goal was just to promote the festival and other events that were leading up to the festival. Twitter messages and Facebook posts were sent out almost every day letting people know when the festival was and what events would be taking place at the festival. We created TV and radio ads as well that gave an overview of what the festival was all about.

While working on the social media plan, I also contributed to the Eco Friendly fashion show that would take place at the Earth Day Festival. I worked on reaching out to different organizations to join the fashion show and coming up with names for the various outfits that would be showcased. The day of the fashion show, I worked to make sure everybody went in the correct order and knew where to walk for the show. I even got to participate myself and model a skirt made from tee shirts.

The day of the Earth Day event was crazy but it was definitely worth all the hard work. Even though there might have been some little bumps starting off, the day turned out really well and everyone had a lot of fun.