Ozone Theater Thanks and Reflects on One Amazing School!

Last week I had the pleasure and honor of educating the entire student body at Cornerstone Elementary School in Fort Bend ISD and I have to say it was our most pleasant booking ever. We were invited by Mrs. Corrie Portier and booked for six straight days- enabling us to reach every k-5th grader on their science rotation. The students were wonderfully polite, well mannered and astonishingly bright. I fielded more advanced questions that I usually get from all grade levels including “What was the air quality when they bombed Hiroshima?” and “Do cigarettes make the air dirty like cars do?” and “Won’t electric cars save us?” and “Why do we use so many oil based products?” It was a challenge every single day to keep up with their super brains! I taught 36 classes at Cornerstone and almost everyday was also delighted by the fact that their parents take it upon themselves to NOT idle in front of the school when waiting for their kiddos. That school was just a phenomenal experience. We will be going back there to present the Cornersotne Chameleons and Ms. Portier with their very own set of Ozone Warning flags.

Once again Ozone Theater would like to express a hearty Thank You to Ms. Lisa Felske who sent our info out to Fort Bend ISD this year and made this booking happen. If YOU would like a personal Thank You from Ozone Theater feel free to reach out to YOUR teacher friends with info about our completely free lesson plans that teach healthy choices and science vocabulary all in action and play!

Last year Ozone Theater broke our record and reached 6,317 students. This year we are up to 4,190 with nine remaining bookings. Will we make it?! Stay Tuned!!