Ozone Theater Wrap-Up

This has been a busy busy year at Ozone Theater! We have been to 21 new schools. I think that is a great number however I’m also very proud of the number of repeated schools. When a school has us back time and again I feel that they are saying that they know us, they trust us and they like our program. I’m honored to be asked back to a school.This year we returned again to Morales elementary school in Pasadena. I’m especially thrilled to teach at Morales because of the immediate need that the students at Morales have to know about and protect themselves from bad air quality.

As I mentioned, we were able to reach 21 new schools this year. Cornerstone Elementary in Fort Bend ISD was one such school, and they were our largest booking this year allowing us to reach 955 students.  Another large booking was made this year by a returning teacher Patti Randolph at Cunningham Elementary. At Cunningham we were able to reach 588 students. We are happy to have schools like Cunningham and Morales who have us back repeatedly. We are also thrilled to have served Cornerstone and look forward to going back there next year!

While the school year isn’t completely done (we still have 2 bookings left!) I am thrilled to share some of our data with all of you. So far this year we taught 5664 students. 2744 of them were Pesky Polluters classes and 2592 of them were Good Ozone/Bad Ozone classes. We continue to be challenged to find middle schools that have time to have us out but this year our number of Air Pollution Solutions classes held firm at 328 students.

We had some teacher turn over this year but it all ended up going well. Brooke Bailey taught 535 students and then had to leave us for her own creative business opportunity. We had great help from Paige Powell who was able to reach 625 students.  For a brief while this semester we had help from Raquel Montelongo who taught 617 students with 4 specifically bilingual classes.  However in this last semester we have been joined by two new teachers who so far, have reached several students.  Due to the turn over this year I reached 3,855 students total- and yes, I lost my voice doing so.

One of the most exciting and different bookings we had this year was at Crenshaw Elementary in Galveston ISD. Crenshaw is a newer school that was recently rebuilt and built with location in mind – so the entire school is on stilts- and the teachers park under the school. I had to ride the ferry (a first for this Arizona girl) to get out to the school, and they were pleased that there hadn’t been a ferry mishap to keep me from getting there. The students were great, the teachers were wonderfully supportive, and we would love to go back!