Biweekly Ozone Report

  Two monitors have returned to service after several weeks of down-time. Welcome back, Huffman Wolf Road and LaPorte Sylvan Beach! Unfortunately, high ozone levels have also returned to the region. The two monitors north of Baytown, Wallisville Road and Baytown Garth, received the highest readings on Monday, while the Houston Aldine monitor saw its highest

Region 6 EPA Environmental Justice Forum

Air Alliance Houston and the Healthy Port Communities Coalition were invited to attend the EPA Region 6 Environmental Justice Forum on June 12-13 in Dallas. The state and federal response to Hurricane Harvey was discussed, and there was much deliberation about what could have been done better in response to the storm. After comments were

Biweekly Ozone Report

  The end of June and beginning of July are consistent with the downward trend in regional ozone levels we saw in the last bi-weekly report. Only three monitors recorded moderate levels this period, and overall ozone readings throughout the region are in the “Good” zone of the Air Quality Index (AQI). Ozone forms when a

Bi-weekly TCEQ Air Quality Permit Summary

As a new recurring feature, Air Alliance Houston will begin publishing Air Quality permit notifications from TCEQ’s Public Notice database on a biweekly basis. The Texas Commision on Environmental Quality issues permits to facilities to ensure compliance with the Clean Air Act as well as other federal and state regulatory measures to control air pollution. As part