Communities suing EPA to force faster adoption of chemical disaster rule

The Chemical Disaster Rule is designed to prevent chemical accidents — and to ensure community members have adequate emergency response in place to reduce harm if they do happen,” said Bakeyah Nelson, executive director of Air Alliance Houston, one of the groups petitioning the D.C. Circuit Court. “Preparation for an emergency in these situations, particularly

Hundreds in east Houston rally for environment


Decades in the petroleum industry taught Tom Gentry the value of certain regulations. The retired refinery worker and union leader from Pasadena witnessed several energy companies cut corners to save money, at times endangering the environment and their employees with hazardous chemicals and pollutants. Some, he said, seemed to prioritize profits over safety. “They need

Milby Community Gardens Is Officially Open!

Milby School

AAH was thrilled to be a part of Milby’s Community Garden ribbon cutting April 8th at Mission Milby one block south of Milby High School on 2220 Broadway. Senator Garcia was also in attendance as students from Milby Youth LEAD Council showed us around and explained their project that was largely made possible by a

Train car carrying Lithium batteries explodes near downtown Houston (KHOU11)


HOUSTON – A train car carrying lithium batteries exploded just north of downtown Houston on Sunday. The blast was so strong, it broke windows in nearby homes. “The moment that I got into the threshold and got inside an explosion went off and it threw me into the other side of the door, so there