Trees for Galena Park

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We are working on a project making the City of Galena Park a greener area.  The City of Galena Park is surrounded on two sides by refinery plants, and by a dredge pits on the other sides.  The smell of chemicals in the air is something people deal with sometimes on a daily basis.  Planting

Next Stop: Atlanta

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After attending EPA trainings in Arkansas and North Carolina, Brian traveled to Atlanta to participate in the EPA’s most intensive community involvement training of the year. Last week I traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend the EPA’s Community Involvement Training Conference. It was the 14th of its kind, and I must admit, after attending dozens

It’s Hot! Is this the new normal?

It’s hot in Houston! After last summer, you may have gotten used to the idea of cooler Houston summers. And of course after a cool year our friends in the climate change denying business start doing their thing. But make no mistake: Houston–along with much of the nation–just got lucky last year, as this map beautifully illustrates.