Pasadena Project Launch: First Community Advisory Panel Meeting

Cleaner Air and Safer Routes for Healthier Children


Air Alliance Houston in collaboration with Healthy Living Matters Pasadena will be working together to  demonstrate how changes to the built-environment can reduce exposure to traffic-related air pollution and increase physical activity among children in the surrounding areas of priority campuses within the Pasadena Independent School District. The project aims to increase communities’ knowledge about the impacts of traffic-related air pollution and its impacts on children’s health and increase walkability and bike-ability to minimize car use and support physical activity for children.


Air Alliance Houston has been a member of the Healthy Living Matters-Pasadena Community Task Force since 2014 and has been a partner on the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) efforts, adding reduction of vehicular and school emissions to the list of benefits to walking and biking.


We are currently working on the recruitment phase of the two year project. We are recruiting participants to establish a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) with representatives from each school campus and the broader community and raising awareness about the project through giving presentations at neighborhood associations and community events.


Air Alliance Houston will facilitate monthly meetings for the CAP to ensure community feedback guides the design and approach of the project and provide the opportunity for meaningful community engagement. The CAP will seek active participation from parents, schools’ staff and community residents during monthly meetings. The CAP Members Role is to attend monthly meetings and provide feedback on project activities, commit to serve on the CAP for at least one year, participate in trainings, forums, and activities to support the project’s goals, and raise the community’s awareness about events throughout the project.


Air Alliance Houston and Healthy Living Matters are hosting the first Community Advisory Meeting (CAP) on Thursday November 15th at the Pasadena Public Library-Central from 4:00pm – 5:00 pm. During the first meeting, we will discuss the project plans, introduce the project design consultants for the Tactical Urbanism Project, and receive feedback from the CAP members.  We invite the broader community to participate as guests in our first CAP meeting. Get involved with your community.