Progress in Pasadena: AAH Monitoring and a Public Hearing

We have two exciting developments to kick off a year of advocacy in Pasadena, Texas!

First, Air Alliance Houston will soon begin on-the-ground monitoring for particulate matter (PM). Second, one of the biggest sources of PM in Pasadena, the Brazilian-owned oil refinery Pasadena Refining System, Inc. (PRSI) has a public hearing on a new pollution permit at the end of the month.

First the monitoring. AAH is ready to begin taking particulate matter samples in North Pasadena. We have begun to get resident input on locations for sampling. We need half a dozen locations, with distance from State Highway 225 being a key factor in selection criteria. Our meeting with Ellen at Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services to help incorporate any questions helpful to our existing questionnaire our canvassers will be used to asses the community health and air quality concerns.

A meeting with community residents at Neighborhood Centers in Pasadena was set up to remind residents about using pollution logs to record environmental concerns they see/smell/or feel in their communities. We also asked community residents for their help in finding space for our Mini-Vol air monitors to be set up in appropriate areas to measure particular matter in the air in and around North Pasadena along State Highway 225.

Second, the meeting was a great opportunity to tell our community partners about an upcoming pollution permit hearing for our least favorite Houston-area oil refinery, Pasadena Refining System, Inc. PRSI is infamous in Pasadena and residents were more than willing to help us get the word out about about the public hearing. This is a rare opportunity. PRSI is applying for a new federal permit, meaning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will need to comments on the adequacy of the state permit terms. In a very unusual move, the state has agreed to hold a public hearing on the permit on Thursday, January 28. The state is also taking written comments on the permit application. Pasadena residents signed up to speak and show support along with  encouraging their neighbors to participate in this process.

You can join us in submitting oral or written comments about Pasadena Refining. Contact us at for information about submitting written comments. To attend the public hearing, call us for details, or just attend at the time and place belo. We hope to see you there!

Event:                            Pasadena Refining pollution permit public hearing.

Date:                              January 28, 2016

Time:                             7:00 p.m.

Location:                       Hampton Inn & Suites

4741 East Sam Houston Parkway South

Pasadena, Texas

Location phone:            281-998-3300