Progress in Pasadena

Many strides have been made in the Houston Endowment funded community projects in Pasadena.  In the beginning I had no idea how I was going to be able to accomplish the same goals I had accomplished in Galena Park.

So far, we’ve met with Harris County Pollution Control, Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services, Pasadena Health Center, members of the Healthy Living Matters Advisory Board, staff from Neighborhood Centers Inc., and staff from a Pasadena alternative school. This is just a start, and with each meeting, I feel more confident that our community projects will help other community organizations and Air Alliance Houston partners.  My concerns are beginning to dwindle and the excitement of all the possibilities our projects will bring to Pasadena is setting in.

The community of North Pasadena will have more houses to approach and will not be as easy to reach, but with such positive interest in the community survey, I feel it will be as successful as in Galena Park. Pasadena has been more of a challenge coming into the area not knowing where to start. I am grateful to all who have stepped up to help move our projects along.  We are getting set up for the survey, community mapping, and our year-long community monitoring.

The preparations to begin are taking form and moving into the next phase. Within the next few weeks, the survey will be complete and ready to go to print. Then a training for the canvassers will be conducted and soon after, the fun begins. These events will set the survey to start in July with the mapping to follow soon after.  Our community monitoring project will have its first training in the fall with Global Community Monitor, a partner from California (that’s Denny Larson from GCM pictured above), assisting with training and guidance.

The community of North Pasadena has many organizations who see the reality of the area but want to help the community by proving for their needs.  I hold high hopes that our community projects will bring an educated awareness to the environmental concerns, engage many residents in getting involved in their community, and empower residents to take the appropriate steps in making a change in their community.