Oppose Rollbacks of the Chemical Disaster Rule

Even with Scott Pruitt out of the EPA, our health and safety are still at risk.

The agency knows that repealing these protections will hurt minority, low-income communities exposed to these incidents the most. The EPA’s proposed rollbacks will gut crucial protections for workers, first responders, and community members — and while the agency is collecting public comments on this action, we need you to speak out.

Interim Administrator Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, is continuing Pruitt’s dangerous repeals of all of the disaster prevention measures in the Chemical Disaster Rule. By the EPA’s own account, an average of 150 chemical leaks, explosions, fires and other incidents occur each year.

Act today to oppose the EPA’s harmful repeal of the Chemical Disaster Rule’s crucial protections.

The EPA should be working to prevent catastrophic incidents, especially as the risk for extreme weather events increases — but this rollback does the opposite, leaving vulnerable communities at risk.

Tell Interim Administrator Wheeler that you oppose the dangerous repeal of the EPA’s disaster prevention measures.