Summer at Ozone Theater Headquarters

Well! Here it is, summer again! This is my sixth summer at Air Alliance Houston and so far it is our best summer yet! We have presented three times this month for a total of 247 students. We also have two more days of instruction planned this month in Galveston. Every summer I reach out to several summer groups here in Houston. Last summer we were able to partner with the Armand Bayou Nature Center and brought Ozone Theater out to two of their summer camp groups. It was a blast!

The above picture is my favorite from this year of teaching. As I said, teaching so many days this year really allowed me to sharpen some of the specific vocabulary teaching we do in our “drop-in” lesson. In this photo I am modeling for the kids what car pooling looks like. My “friend” and I are carpooling together and therefore- making less pollution. This is a new “schtick” I really enjoy and it gets the kids giggling. I feel strongly that laughter means learning, and I think that after they hear this lesson they know and understand what carpooling is, and how it can positively affect our environment.

So far, this year we have planned to partner with a group down in Galveston that has two different summer programs. We are looking forward to working with them this summer and again in the future!

Before wrapping up the 2014-2015 school year completely, we were again able this year to break the 6,000 mark. In fact this year we were able to reach 6,310 students. As I mentioned in a previous newsletter article, I was able to be out in the field a lot this year which allowed me to really work in our curriculum. I am excited to implement these small changes and train new teachers with these small tips. Overall I continue to be impressed and pleased with Ozone Theaters’ ability to reach all learners in the classroom. I feel strongly that this is because of the arts overlaps in our lessons. I look forward to more opportunities to share our lesson plans with more summer groups and more students in general. If you know of a summer group that might like to have us out please send our information along- or email me with their contact information.