Thanks to everyone who helped make our State of the Air Gala a success

Thank you so much to everyone who supported Air Alliance Houston’s first State of the Air Gala. Your gifts truly helped to make the evening a success, and we were so pleased to see a packed house with more than 200 supporters in attendance, all of whom share the common goal for cleaner air and a healthy future for all Houstonians.

As “Father of Environmental Justice” Dr. Bob Bullard pointed out, “Place matters, and all places are not created equal. Children, particularly students of color, are the most vulnerable, and we need to fight for them.” Additionally, AAH executive director Dr. Bakeyah Nelson reiterated the organization’s commitment to continuing to research to better understand the threats to Houston’s air quality and public health; educate youth about the air quality issues that affect their health and environment; and advocate for policies that reduce communities’ exposure to harmful pollutants.

As speaker and former mayor Bill White noted, “it takes a fact-based effort to protect the air we breathe, and while we’ve made progress on reducing air pollution in Houston, we can do better.” Your generosity helps to support our programs, enabling AAH to continue its research, education, and advocacy work to advance the public health of our communities by improving air quality.

To once again quote White, “Our best days for air quality are ahead in Houston. We can be the greenest city in America.” But we certainly can’t do so without your help. Once again, we thank all of you who helped make the event a success.

Please visit our Facebook page to view the full gallery of photos taken by Jonathan Zapata. We hope to see you all at next year’s event.