Trees for Galena Park

We are working on a project making the City of Galena Park a greener area.  The City of Galena Park is surrounded on two sides by refinery plants, and by a dredge pits on the other sides.  The smell of chemicals in the air is something people deal with sometimes on a daily basis.  Planting more trees would definitely help in improving the air quality, having more shade, and improving the park structure.

Air Alliance and the City’ of Galena Park have teamed up with Trees For Houston to bring in more trees to areas of Galena Park that need them.  Trees For Houston was established in 1983.  Their mission statement is to plant, protect, and promote trees throughout the greater Houston area.  Trees For Houston will be donating the trees for our Galena Park project.  In working with Ernesto Paredes the Galena Park Parks and Recreation Director and who is also an Air Alliance Houston board member we have identified locations where the trees will be planted which include: 7 pocket parks around the city, Galena Manor park, and Woodland Acres park.

This has helped the city of Galena Park get a jump start on their improvements on their city parks.  In 2010, a community action plan was comprised by local community leaders, and Harris County public health and environmental services in the improvements of the city.  City park issues were identified as one of the major priorities. This project will also allow for improvements in walkability, and play areas for children.