Welcome to Our New Look!

Hi everyone!

For the last several months (seems like years) we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes to update the design of Air Alliance Houston! We have a new logo, website, newsletter, & messaging that we hope will make it easier to connect with YOU!

As with any major change to a website, there will invariably be things that don’t work the way they should. Please, take a look around and “kick the tires.” Let us know what you like, what you wish would work better, and if anything seems wacky or out of sorts. There will be bugs, and we want to fix them! But first we have to find them. So any help you can give us in that department is greatly appreciated.

Finally, please join me in thanking Savage Brands for creating such a beautiful new design! They are the geniuses behind the scenes, working on the site’s bells and whistles to make them sing.