While the Public speaks, Pasadena Refining pollutes

You’ve heard a lot from Air Alliance Houston lately about Pasadena Refining System, Inc. The company is notorious in the Houston region for regular, egregious violations of pollution limits.

Last week, the public spoke up about its concerns at the facility. Ironically, while the public was speaking, Pasadena Refining was polluting.

Yes, the company has reported an illegal pollution event that occurred during the public hearing. A self-reported tally of pollution filed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality shows that the company emitted 1,260 pounds of particulate matter (soot) and 1368.25 pounds of sulfur dioxide on the day of the hearing. These two pollutants were specifically cited by Air Alliance Houston as commonly emitted by the facility.

The report also indicates that a habitually troubled unit, the Fluidized Catalytic Cracker (FCC), was one source of last week’s pollution. This is the second pollution event reported by Pasadena Refining in 2016 and the second to implicated the FCC unit.

This most recent incident demonstrates what Air Alliance Houston and the public have long known: something must be done about Pasadena Refining!

PRSI STEERS 2016-01-28