Air Alliance Houston is working toward cleaner air and a healthier future—but we can’t do it alone! Our partnerships with professionals, organizations, companies and community members are what have made our successes possible, and we want to continue to grow and nurture those partnerships for the benefit of our city. Join us in empowering Houstonians to improve their air and their lives!

Health Professionals

As respected experts in healthy living, your partnership can help us research and share critical information with Houston community members. Join us in improving the health of Houstonians.

Education Professionals

We are all about education at Air Alliance Houston. We partner with educators to bring critical information about air quality and health to students across the city. Learn more about how to partner with us.

Energy Industry Leaders

Houston’s energy industry leaders have a great opportunity to show their commitment to the city’s healthy future. Talk to us about how we can partner for the benefit of your company and Houston as a whole.

Regulatory Agencies

With access to great research partnerships and data about what Houston needs to improve our city’s air quality, we want to be a resource and partner for regulatory agencies making decisions for Houston.


We have a small staff, so volunteers make all the difference in advancing our mission for Houston. If you’re interested in making Houston a city of clean air and healthy communities, partner with us!

Get Involved

As members of Houston’s community, you have a critical role in ensuring that your city’s health and air quality is the best that it can be. Learn more about how to get involved and improve our city.