The Clean Gulf Commerce Coalition is a group of non-profit organizations that are working together to preserve and improve the health and integrity of the Gulf coast for generations to come.

Coal Exports & the Gulf Coast

Coal exports are the newest threat to the Gulf Coast and to our climate. In 2012, more than 50 million tons of coal were exported from the Gulf. With the additional export terminals currently proposed, that number could rise to almost 200 million tons per year. Each year, burning that coal would contribute:

  • 30 – 32 tons of mercury pollution.
  • 454 – 473 million tons of CO2.
  • Emissions of CO2 equivalent to 135 additional coal power plants.

Export Facilities in Houston

Houston is already home to two KinderMorgan export terminals. These facilities export petroleum coke, or “petcoke,” which is a byproduct of the refining industry.

Deepwater Terminal

KM Deepwater Terminal

  • Storage Capacity: 650,000 tons.
  • Annual Tonnage: 4,500,000 tons.
  • No. of Docks: One 40 ft. draft vessel dock.
  • Commodities Handled: Petcoke.

Houston Bulk Terminal

KM Houston Bulk

  • Storage Capacity: 600,000 tons.
  • Annual Tonnage: 5,250,000 tons.
  • No. of Docks: One 40 ft. draft vessel dock, one 20 ft. draft barge dock.
  • Commodities Handled: Petcoke.

Coalition Members

The Clean Gulf Commerce Coalition includes: