Galena Park, Texas, located on the Houston Ship Channel, is an environmental justice community of about 10,000 residents. It is a community where concerns about pollution and public health run high. After several years of study, Air Alliance Houston produced a report of our work and findings in Galena Park.

Diesel pollution presents an unacceptable health risk in Galena Park. Cancer risk due to diesel pollution exposure may exceed 1 in 10,000. Fine particulate matter pollution may exceed federal health standards as well.

Galena Park must act now to reduce diesel and particulate matter pollution in order to protect its residents’ health. We recommend aggressive steps to limit diesel pollution by banning older, dirty trucks and diverting trucks from Galena Park roads. We also recommend further testing to determine the extent of air pollution in Galena Park, and its impacts.

To learn more about our work in Galena Park, download the report below.


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