The city of Pasadena is the 17th most-populated city in Texas, and the second-largest city in Harris County. It is a community in which concerns about pollution and public health run high. Air pollution levels in Pasadena are likely to cause health risks for Pasadena residents. Pollution in this city is driven by many sources, including tailpipe emissions from cars, trucks, buses, and toxic chemicals emitted into the air by more than 30 manufacturing facilities, including petroleum refineries, chemical plants, wastewater treatment, fertilizer production, electric power generation, and various sources along the Houston Ship Channel. Other contributors of pollution at ground level of the air we breathe are coating processes, dry cleaners, gas stations, and toxic idling.

Air Alliance Houston will be working with the Pasadena Community by:

  • Collecting community perceptions about environmental risks and safety concerns;
  • Engaging Pasadena residents to learn more about their community through mapping workshops that will allow us to identify pollution hotspots; and
  • Conducting air monitoring throughout north Pasadena to measure particulate matter pollution levels

Project expected outcomes

  • Raising community awareness to build strong community advocates who can engage in long term-advocacy for air quality issues in north Pasadena;
  • Encouraging more Pasadena residents to understand air pollution issues so we can work on solutions and make lasting improvements for the community; and
  • Building partnerships with other organizations and non-profits with a common interest in the community to strengthen the voice of its residents.

How to get involved

  • Inform other Pasadena residents about the Community Project
  • Participate in community mapping workshops
  • Get involved in air monitoring activities
  • Help advocate for an anti-idling ordinance and other clean air policies in Pasadena

Our work to protect public health in Pasadena

Over the last several years, the City of Pasadena has made great strides in improving its air quality. It is in our best interest to continue improving Pasadena’s air quality; as such, we are studying ways to help speed the process. One of the main goals of the Pasadena Community Project is to establish an anti-idling ordinance in the city. According to our studies referencing the EPA, this would not only save money to city, but also valuable resources for community members. Idling reduction involves technologies and practices that minimize the amount of time drivers idle their engines. Avoiding idling time has multiple benefits, including savings in fuel and maintenance costs, improvement in community health, and reducing air pollution exposure. For the city of Pasadena, it would continue to build upon past actions to protect public health and resident access to clean air.