The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the state agency responsible for environmental regulations in Texas. You probably know that we don’t often agree with the TCEQ. But the agency does have some resources that we use. We can show you how to use them, too. If you need help with anything on this page, please contact us.

Research a Facility

The TCEQ provides some resources for researching facilities that you may be concerned about. Don’t know the name of the company or facility you are looking for? Start with a TCEQ Central Registry Query.

Emissions Events

When a facility emits air pollution in an amount that violates its permits, it is required to file a public report. You can find public reports of emissions events at TCEQ’s Air Emission Event Report Database. You can search the database by date, location, company, or facility.


Has a facility been the subject of a complaint? You can search a database of complaints received by the TCEQ. Search for the Status of a Complaint.

Compliance and Enforcement

TCEQ also ranks facilities using a system called “Compliance History.” The Compliance History system is deeply flawed, with 80 percent of facilities receiving a “satisfactory” rating. But if you want to look up a facility’s Compliance History, you can Search the Compliance History Database.

If a facility is the subject of a completed or pending enforcement action, you can search for it in any of the following databases:

Get Air Monitoring Data

Ozone Resources

Particulate Matter Resources

Toxics Resources

Are there areas near you with high concentrations of toxic air pollutants? The TCEQ designates “hot spot” areas using the Air Pollutant Watch List.

In 2013, Air Alliance Houston and the Environmental Defense Fund commented on a proposal to remove Texas City from the Air Pollutant Watch List. You can read our comments here: Texas City APWL Comments – AAH & EDF.

UPDATE: TCEQ rejected our call to postpone the Texas City delisting.

Air Monitoring Data Near You

You can get a yearly summary of air quality data from the air monitors nearest to you. Yearly summary by monitoring station.

You can see a map of air monitors statewide with TCEQ’s GeoTAM map viewer. TCEQ also lets you request monitor Data by Site and Date.


Is all this too confusing? Contact us and we’ll do it for you!


Find Permits

TCEQ maintains some permitting information online, although full facility permits can only be found by visiting the agency in person.

We don’t recommend that non-experts spend too much time looking at permits, but if you want to, you can find permits through TCEQ’s permit database. Other permitting information is also available through the TCEQ’s Remote Document Server.