Concrete Batch Plants


Concrete Batch Plants

Building Healthy Communities

The over-concentration of concrete batch plants in Houston’s communities of color and low-income neighborhoods is disrupting the health and peace of local residents. It’s time for this to change.

The issue

There are about 180 concrete batch plants in the Houston area, more than in any other area in Texas. These plants emit cement dust and other particulates into the air, which can cause respiratory problems for nearby residents. In addition, they create significant noise pollution and generate truck traffic on residential streets. 

Due to the absence of zoning laws in Houston and lack of state regulation, concrete batch plants can be sited almost anywhere in the city. Mostly, these plants tend to cluster in low-income, minority communities. A number of Houston neighborhoods have multiple facilities in close proximity to residents, exposing residents to adverse cumulative impacts.

What we’re doing

More public participation

We work with residents and local elected officials to ensure community voices are heard when decisions about new facilities are taken. We help residents stay informed about air quality permit applications, educate the community about health hazards, and coordinate public participation in the state environmental permitting process.

Stronger state-wide protections

We inform policymakers about local air quality concerns and engage in legislative advocacy by promoting legislation that will create stronger protections for our communities. Take a look at our legislative advocacy page to learn more about our work with the Texas Legislature. 

Targeted air monitoring

We are coordinating with the City of Houston’s Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention (BPCP) to identify the most problematic facilities within the City of Houston. We advocate for targeted monitoring by BPCP to determine the impact of these facilities on Particulate Matter pollution in neighborhoods.

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