Environmental and Health Inequities in Houston’s Communities

Environmental and Health Inequities in Houston’s communities

Building Healthy Communities

Residents of Houston’s historically underserved communities live near various hazardous sites, exposing them to serious health risks. In addition to lacking basic quality of life features, such as access to healthy groceries or parks and greenspace, these communities carry a disproportionate burden of being located close to hazardous facilities and sites as well as sprawling roadways which put the health of residents at risk. 

What we’re doing

Our recent study analyzing land use and related health risks in Houston’s first five ‘Complete Communities’ shows that residents of these communities live near a wide variety of hazardous emissions sites and face significantly more potential health risks than many other communities in Harris County. These risks are added on top of other challenges already faced by these residents, such as poverty, lack of mobility, and unsafe homes. It is likely that similar conclusions would be found in other areas of Houston and Harris County. 

We are working with community leaders and the city to chart a path toward creating healthier and more equitable communities in the Houston region.

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