Transportation Planning to Improve Air Quality and Address Climate Change

Transportation Planning to Improve Air Quality and Address Climate Change

Supporting Sustainable and Equitable Transportation

Vehicle emissions account for a substantial amount of Houston’s health-harming air pollution, and the lack of transportation options worsens air quality and perpetuates environmental injustice. These emissions are also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. 

What we’re doing

We focus on building broad public support for an equitable multi-modal transportation system that promotes alternative transportation modes, reduces vehicle miles traveled, increases fleet electrification, and ensures everyone can get where they need to go.

Multi-modal transportation research and initiatives

We conduct research and support plans and initiatives to improve multi-modal transportation options both within the city and in the wider Houston region. These include the Houston Bike Plan, Houston’s METRO bus and light rail system, H-GAC’s High Capacity Transit Task Force, and Houston BCycle. In addition to supporting individual projects, we advocate for structural funding redistributions and project reprioritization at the local, regional, and state level to better support an accessible, sustainable transportation infrastructure system. 


We research and advocate for electrification projects to encourage a transition from fossil fuels to renewable electric power. In 2019, we contributed to the drafting of the City’s EVolve Houston electrification roadmap. We continue to partner with the participating organizations to advance the goals and strategies outlined to extensively electrify fleets in the region and encourage studies on the infrastructure needs for mass adaptation of electric vehicles.  

Local and regional climate action planning

We work with the City of Houston on its first-ever Climate Action Plan (CAP). After co-leading the transportation working group for the CAP, we now continue to collaborate with local leaders and community organizations to ensure equitable implementation influenced by the needs and opinions of community stakeholders. We are also keeping an eye on Harris County to ensure their Climate Justice and Action Plan will move forward equitably. In addition, we are working with diverse partners to create new frameworks, legislative agendas, and plans for addressing the intersections of air quality, climate, equity, and energy.

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