Port of Houston Equitable Clean Air Plan

Port of Houston Equitable Clean Air Plan

Building Healthy Communities

Port communities face disproportionately the health and safety risks of the Houston Ship Channel operations. Our goal is to reduce pollution and ensure that people who live and work in the area have a say in their lives. 

The Issue

Houston’s Port communities are disproportionately exposed to pollution from multiple, compounding sources, but their concerns continue to go unanswered by policymakers. As industry and freight traffic grows, an increase in shipping, vehicles, rail yards, and industrial operations will further exacerbate air and water pollution as well as chemical disaster risks in these neighborhoods. 

What we’re doing

As a member of the Healthy Port Communities Coalition (HPCC), we advocate in partnership with residents for the health and well-being of communities impacted by port operations along the Houston Ship Channel. We work to increase transparency, equity, and community participation in decision-making processes concerning the Port. In addition, we advocate for the enforcement of existing regulations and the development of new policies, such as emissions inventories and the creation of an Equitable Clean Air Strategy Plan, that will include steps to mitigate pollution and improve the quality of life for portside residents. 

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