Clean Air for Port Communities

Houston’s communities along the Ship Channel are disproportionately exposed to pollution from multiple, compounding sources including Port Houston. Still, their concerns continue to go unanswered by policymakers. As industry and freight traffic grows, an increase in shipping, vehicles, rail yards, and industrial operations will further exacerbate air and water pollution as well as chemical disaster risks in these neighborhoods.

Children living within 2 miles of the Ship Channel have a 56 percent higher risk of contracting acute lymphocytic leukemia than children living more than 10 miles from the channel.

What We're Doing

As a member of the Healthy Port Communities Coalition (HPCC), we advocate in partnership with residents for the health and well-being of communities impacted by Port operations along the Houston Ship Channel. We work to increase transparency, equity, and community participation in decision-making processes concerning the Port. We advocate for the creation of an Equitable Clean Air Strategy Plan and the adoption of cleaner equipment throughout the Port’s new Ship Channel Expansion efforts (‘Project 11’).