Clean and Just Transportation Planning

Vehicle emissions account for a substantial amount of Houston’s health-harming air pollution, and the lack of widely available non-vehicular transportation options worsens air quality and perpetuates environmental injustice through lack of mobility access. These emissions are also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Transportation accounts for 47% of total GHG emissions within the city of Houston.

What We're Doing

We focus on building broad public support for an equitable multi-modal transportation system that promotes alternative transportation modes, reduces vehicle miles traveled, increases fleet electrification, and ensures everyone can get where they need to go.

Multi-modal transportation initiatives
We conduct research and support plans and initiatives to improve multi-modal transportation options both within the city and in the wider Houston region. These include the Houston Bike Plan, Houston’s METRO bus and light rail system, H-GAC’s High Capacity Transit Task Force, and Houston BCycle.

In addition to supporting individual projects, we advocate for structural funding redistributions and project reprioritization at the local, regional, and state level to better support an accessible, sustainable transportation infrastructure system.

We also support equitable and sustainable land use policies in Houston and the greater region to combat sprawl, reduce car dependency, prevent displacement, and ensure people at all income levels have access to a multimodal transportation system.

Freight Rail
According to H-GAC’s Regional Goods Movement Plan, the Houston region expects to see twice as much freight volume moving through our region by 2050, including freight rail. We support and uplift directly impacted communities who are already experiencing disproportionate impacts of freight. We hold rail companies and all levels of government accountable to address the mobility and public health impacts brought by freight rail.

Power, planning, and avenues for change: Uncovering levels of power within Metropolitan Planning Organizations to encounter avenues for the achievement of urban environmental justice
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