Sampling the Cities Data Review – June 23, 2021

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The Sunnyside data has been collected. Join us for our Sampling the Cities Snapshot soon!

When: June 23, 2021

              12:30 pm and 6:30 pm

Where: Zoom

After sampling the air in the Sunnyside, OST – South Union and Fifth Ward communities, Air Alliance Houston will hold two Zoom meetings to review the gathered information and provide graphs and maps of localized air quality snapshots. Both meetings will have the same information.

We are pleased to have provided the 15 Flow 2 air monitors that were used. These monitors can detect Volatile Organic Compounds, a variety of gaseous chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

Flow2 air monitor

Why is Sampling the City important?

  • Raise awareness about air pollution issues
  • Generate more localized data around air quality in Houston
  • Support communities with air quality data to help advocate for change


Some photos from our ride in Sunnyside

Our Sunnyside partners:

Massive thanks goes out to many folks and agencies including:

  • Chelbi Mims, resident of Sunnyside and member of Air Alliance Houston’s Air Quality Advocates Committee.
  • Debra Walker, resident of Sunnyside who organized the walkers and their route, and helped procure a van, for those who had difficulty walking so they could participate, from Claudette Edwards of Teeter Totter Daycare. 
  • Efrem Jernigan, born and raised in Sunnyside, who organized the 6 mile and 3 mile bike routes and who is working on bringing the largest solar grid in Texas to his hometown neighborhood.
  • Edidiong Obot, who organized Harris County Precinct 1 staff Megan Palathra to be at the Hill at Simms Bayou to share the park progress there with the van riders and car poolers (while monitoring the air there as well!)
  • David MacLean of McMaccx for helping with the event before, during and after ensuring Air Pulse monitors were syncing.
  • And a big thanks to City Council Member Carol Evans-Shabazz for attending the event and to Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis for joining one of the bike rides and pointing out to riders the home where his father was born.
  • And Houston Bike Share, which provided more than a dozen B-cycles.

If you would like to support Air Alliance’s work to reduce the public health impacts from air pollution and advance environmental justice, your donation HERE is much appreciated.


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