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We’re looking to add two new members to our team! See below for the descriptions and links to apply.


Climate Justice Coordinator (Plastic Pollution)

The Climate Justice Coordinator (Plastic Pollution) will be the first position of its kind at AAH. The purpose of the new role is to amplify the connections between air quality, environmental justice, and plastic pollution across the supply chain by planning and coordinating a new community-based campaign that educates and empowers communities to take action for their health. The successful Climate Justice Coordinator will understand the population health impacts of air pollution and how the plastic industry contributes to poor air quality. They will also cultivate relationships with residents, community organizations, governmental offices, businesses, and other relevant groups within the greater Houston/Harris County area. They will provide accurate and compelling messages about air quality, plastic, climate, equity, and energy toward the goal of a unified and mobilized voice for change. As a result of their work, the Climate Justice Coordinator will increase the influence and power of residents that experience an unfair burden from both air pollution and climate change.

Read more about the position and APPLY HERE.

Climate Programs Manager

The Climate Programs Manager sets and executes organization-wide strategy for reducing air pollution and advancing climate health by leading a comprehensive plan, program, and team. The Climate Programs Manager will understand how heat-trapping emissions from a variety of sources, including transportation and fossil fuels, impact both public health and climate change. They will apply best practices in transportation planning, energy transition, de-carbonization, plastic reduction, and other key environmental topics to oversee effective community-driven campaigns to combat the harms causes by air pollution and climate change. They will also have a deep understanding of how such decisions historically and repeatedly disenfranchise environmental justice communities. The Climate Programs Manager will identify opportunities for, develop strategic partnerships toward, and guide staff in the implementation of specific research, education, and advocacy actions, events, and initiatives that advance the issues and achieve agency goals. The successful Climate Programs Manager will effect long-term change in the Houston region at a policy and resource-allocation level that prioritizes community sustainability, equity, and health.

Read more about the position and APPLY HERE

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